ACFC Seat Selection FAQ


Q. What if I can’t make my date and time?
A. No worries. You are able to select your seats at any point, AFTER your appointed time slot. Just a friendly reminder each hour that goes by another group begins selecting their seats. 

Q. What if I want my friends to sit with me and they have a different date and time?
A. We did our best to group everyone together based on who they referred to. While maintaining the integrity of the priority list is important, ACFC is all about community. If you feel like your friends have different times than you, just let us know here and we will do our best to accommodate.

Q. Can I have someone else pick my seats for me?
A. Yes! For those that have placed premium seat deposits you can have a  proxy attend the event and have them select your seats;  make sure you provide us with written proof that your proxy can pick on your behalf (email and text work just fine). For those that have general deposits you will be selecting your seats online and therefore you can provide your login information to your friend or family member and have them choose seats for you. 

Q. How much will I owe when I pick my seats?
A. This will depend on what seats you pick and your payment plan, but the deposit you already have on file will be put towards the balance of your account. 

Q. Do I have to pay everything all at one time?
A. No; when you apply your deposit to the balance of your seats you will be eligible for an interest-free payment plan. You will just owe your first payment at the time you select your seats. 

Q. How do I get seats in the Supporters section?
A. If you want a seat in the supporters section please note that the main supporters section is General Admission and you will not have an assigned seat. This section will be the loudest in the stadium. If you want to be in this section you will be able to buy your season tickets during your assigned time slot.

Q. What if there aren’t any seats that I like when it’s my turn to pick?
A. Our hope is that there is an option that makes sense for everyone! As more and more people select seats, the options will only get more limited so we encourage you to pick from what is available. 

Q. If I have a general deposit and I want premium seats, what do I do?
A. You can upgrade your deposit now so that you can go through the premium seat selection process or you can contact your representative and they can help you select premium seats over the phone during your assigned time and date.  

Q. If I have a premium deposit and I want general seats, what do I do?
A. By selecting a premium deposit, you received priority to see all the premium inventory. If you do not select premium seating you will receive an email with a date and a time when you can select general seating. 

Q. What is the difference between premium seating and general seating?
A. Premium seats include food and beverage and most locations include access to private club space. Specific amenities vary between the different premium seating locations.

Q. Do my seats come with parking/how do I get parking?
A. Parking will be available for pre-purchase closer to the start of the season. All Season Ticket Holders will receive an email notifying you the opportunity to buy parking. 

Q. What other benefits do I get for being a Season Ticket Holder? 
A. There are plenty! Click the link here.

Q. What side of the stadium is sunny? 
This will depend on the time of the year and the time the which the game starts 

  • For afternoon kicks, the east side of the stadium will be sunniest. 
  • For midday kicks, both the west side and east side of the stadium are equally sunny.  

Q. What are the family friendly sections at the stadium?
A. Everywhere! That being said sections 101, 107 and 108 will be closest to the supporters section and likely loudest. Section 217 will be reserved for visiting supporters, so section 216 will be closest to fans from visiting clubs. 

Q. What else am I not thinking of?
A. Nothing! Be sure to ask questions, let us know how we can help  and April can't come soon enough!