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  • 2022 season tickets will give you access to all 12 home games.
  • First right to purchase playoff home match tickets
  • Access to exclusive Season Ticket Holder benefits
We are making history and we want you to be a part of it!

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Become a season ticket holder to receive access to exclusive perks!

  • Access to exclusive ACFC events
  • Discount off of merchandise
  • Priority to purchase playoff home match tickets
  • Sell, transfer and donate, your tickets.
  • Season Ticket Holders receive the best ticket rates

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Tickets brokers are not eligible for this offer. All sales are final. There are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations.


How much do Season Tickets cost?

Season ticket prices will be announced when the seat selection process begins. Anyone who places a deposit will receive pricing information before purchasing their season tickets.

What is the difference between General & Supporter seating and Premium seating?

• General seating includes upper and lower seating bowl and does not include food or beverage or any additional amenities.
• The Supporter section will be a General admission, safe standing section where fans will be standing, singing, and cheering for the entire match. It will be available ONLY to members of official Supporter Groups.

Do I have to purchase a Membership to buy Seat Deposits or Season Tickets?

No, but you should! We want to hear from you and learn from you, and we want to build a relationship that transcends the number of games we play or our record. Membership makes you a part of the ACFC team. It provides you a way to connect with other fans, get exclusive merch, experience events tailor-made for our community, and gives you a voice in our future. Check out more on our website here.

Will there be payment plans for Season Tickets?

After your initial deposit, no further payment will be due until you select your seats. We will be offering payment plan options for Season Tickets during seat selection.

How do I make sure I sit with my friends?

When you sign up for a Seat Deposit you can provide a list of friends/family email addresses and we’ll contact them on your behalf. If they sign up for a Seat Deposit, we will put them in line with you!

Is there a way to donate unused Tickets or Season Tickets to charity?

You will be able to donate your unused tickets to local nonprofits. Information on these processes will be provided at a later date.

As a Supporter, what is the process to ensure I am seated in the Supporter Section and with my specific group?

First, we love that you are a Supporter! Second, there will be a detailed process with the head of Supporter groups to cross reference deposits placed and membership lists to ensure supporters are seated accordingly. We’ve got you covered.

If I want to use cash, where can I place a deposit?

Unfortunately, due to the current state of COVID-19, we will not be accepting cash deposits at this time.

Will there be international viewing options for the matches?

The NWSL offers streaming for international fans through Twitch broadcasts. We will share information on our website on how/where to watch our matches in the near future.

What if I require ADA seating?

ADA Seating Options will be available. Please note this information when you are first contacted by a ticket representative to accommodate your seating.

What if I only want to buy a single match Ticket?

The only way to guarantee attendance in 2022 is to become a Season Ticket holder. That being said, single match tickets will go on sale in early 2022.

What if I am interested in a corporate sponsorship?

Please email us at

Is there anyone else I can contact If I have other questions about Season Ticket?

Yes. Contact us at

Who are our Ticket Reps?

Click here to meet the team!

Are Season Tickets refundable?

No. However, in the rare case that games/event(s) do not commence in April of 2022, we’ll work on a process with all Season Ticket Holders to apply credit to agreed upon tickets.

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