New membership coming April 2022

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Why should I become a member today?

We want to build Angel City FC with you. We want to hear from you and learn from you, and we want to build a relationship that transcends the number of games we play or our record. Membership makes you a part of the ACFC team. Plus, your Membership reserves your place in line to put down a seat deposit for ACFC’s inaugural season, launching early 2021. It also provides you a way to connect with other fans, get exclusive merch, experience events tailor made for our community, and it gives you a voice in our future. 

When will seat deposits open?

Early 2021!  As an ACFC  Member, you’ll get early access to to make sure you’re first in line! The sooner you place a deposit the sooner you will be able to select your seat location.

How will I know what seats to pick?

Members will receive information regarding the seat selection process as it becomes available.  We will call each of you, set up tours, walk you through virtual maps, and explain all your options. This will be your home for years to come, we want you to love it.

Are seat deposits just for season tickets?

Yes. Ticketing for single games and other ticket packages will be available separately.

How many seat deposits can I put down per Membership?

Each Membership will give you access to put down a seat deposit before the general public. Each deposit will allow you to reserve up to 6 seats in general seating and premium seating areas. For information on seating in the Supporters Section reach out to

What are club voting rights?

Members will have the opportunity to weigh in on club decisions such as the fan experience in and out of the stadium. Everything from which song should play when goals are scored, to pre-game traditions and entertainment.

Do I need to renew my Membership every year?

Purchasing your ACFC season tickets secures your Membership for the duration of your contract. You only need to renew your ACFC Membership if you opt not to purchase season tickets. 

Can I switch from monthly to annual or vice versa?

You can upgrade your Membership from monthly to annual, but not from annual to monthly. Too tricky.

Is the Membership fee refundable?

No, but we want you to be happy. If you have any questions or want more information, please contact We’ve got your back.

Tell me more about quarterly leadership communication.

At least four times a year, you’ll get the inside scoop directly from our leadership team. This might be a newsletter, a video or even a virtual town hall to answer your most burning questions about the club. From updates on hiring and player acquisitions, to conversations with our impact partners, to virtual meet and greets with our coaches and players, you’ll get exclusive access to ACFC’s team. 

How much will seat deposits cost?

You’ll know soon. We want the whole world to know, and line up behind you! We’ll share this information early 2021, plenty of time to get your friends, family, and neighbors on board.

Tell me more about each membership feature.

Private Community Chat:  ACFC’s Membership Chat is the place to find and build meaningful community around women’s soccer. Different channels on the platform allow you to chat about everything from woso to the best tacos in LA. Plus you can join live watch parties for the biggest matches.

Early Access to Digital Content:  The Membership portal will feature an advance peek at content from our founders, staff, players and coaches (eventually), and our community. 

Quarterly Leadership Communication: A lot is going on at ACFC. We’ll keep you up to date on the comings and goings at the Clubhouse. You'll hear from our team, coaching staff, players and even founding investors.

10% Merchandise Discount: We want you to show your pride, and not break the bank. The discount will apply only to full price items through our official shop.

Partner Discounts and Offers: As we build partnerships with businesses and brands around Los Angeles and beyond, we’ll work with them to provide you with special offers and access.

Exclusive Virtual and In-Person Club Events: Members will get to participate in quarterly virtual and socially-distanced events that are only available through ACFC Membership.

Early Access to Season Ticket Seat Deposits! (Up to 6 seats may be reserved per membership)

Members-Only Merchandise: You are special and we promise to save our best designs and most coveted items just for you. We're in this together, and we want to know who you are. Only. The. Best.

Club Voting Rights: We're bigger than a game and we want to build ACFC with you. As a Member, you'll get to weigh in on important decisions that will make your fan experience exceptional - in and out of the stadium.

Any reason. Anytime. We want to know you.

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