Taking action to end racism in soccer

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Angel City FC is a proud founding partner of the Anti-Racist Project (ARP), an action-based approach to tackling systemic racism in soccer and society. Support this initiative by purchasing from the ACFC ARP collection. 100% profits of the first 1,000 units sold in this collection will be donated by ACFC to the development of the curriculum through our partners. After that milestone, ACFC is committed to continuing to support ARP and will in turn donate 10% profit of any additional sales of this collection in perpetuity. Learn more about the ARP.

To create this collection Angel City FC partnered with Colibri Studios to create this symbol of unity, progress and sport.

“In every game of football that I watch, one of my favorite moments is seeing the players greet the opposing team and shake hands. In this moment, even if for only a second, all competition fades, allowing each athlete to acknowledge the other and show mutual respect regardless of race.” - Chris Burnett of Colibri Studios

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