Angel City Premium Contracts FAQs

Q. Are contracts required for Angel City premium seats?
A. Yes, Angel City’s premium seats require the signing of a contract and a minimum of a 3-year agreement. 

Q. What is an escalator? What escalators are applied to which contract terms?
A. An escalator allows people to enter into long-term agreements without worrying about the potential impacts of market factors outside of their control (e.g. inflation, demand, etc.). 

Angel City premium seating terms and associated escalators: 

    3-year term: 3% escalator

    5-year term: 2.5% escalator 

    7-year term: 2% escalator

Q. Will premium seating prices under the current contract terms (as of 10/1/2021) increase more than 3% after my term is complete?
A. No, the reason for the contract length is so our premium Season Ticket Holders will not be subject to more than a 3% price increase year over year during the length of your contract. 

Ex. One (1) Figueroa Club seat on a 3-year term: 

  • 2022 season price: $1,200
  • 2023 season price: $1,236
  • 2024 season price: $1,273.08

Q. What happens if I sign a contract but want to change seats after the first year?
A. Should different premium seats or a suite become available and you would like to upgrade your seats, we will work with Season Ticket Holders and apply any applicable payment and remaining term years to the new seat location. 

Q. What do I do if I do not want my seats for the next year?
A. You will have the option to no longer continue your agreement once your initial term of 3, 5, or 7 years expires.

Q. What happens to my seats if Angel City FC moves stadiums?
A. If Angel City FC were to move venues, we will work with our Season Ticket Holders to ensure a smooth transition. We will provide you with a prior written notice with your proposed club seat location. Premium seat contracts cover your ability to no longer continue in your agreement should the new location, stadium, or seats not be what you desire.

Q. Once my initial contract term is up, how much will prices increase for the seats I have?
A. Season ticket pricing will be determined based on multiple factors at the time of contract term expiration and therefore we cannot commit to seat pricing in several years.



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