Q. What is a group deposit?
A. It is a deposit that is date and time stamped and allows you to be in the priority line for general group tickets and/or individual game suites.

Q. How many tickets makes up a group?
A. A group starts at 10 or more tickets.

Q. What are the advantages of putting down a group deposit?

  • Placing a group deposit will give you priority to pick your group’s game and seat location prior to the general public. 
  • It will also make it easier for you to get all of your group seats together. 
  • Group tickets are discounted. 

Q. When will I get to apply my group deposit to an actual game? 
A. Once the NWSL schedule is released, we will set up a time for group deposit holders to select their game, location, and ticket quantity based on priority. 

Q. How much are group deposits? 
A. $100 for a group of 10 or more in general seating. $500 for a suite deposit. If you are hoping to rent a suite for a game, placing a deposit will be your best chance. 

Q. What happens to my deposit once I select a game?
A. Your deposit will be applied to the total amount for your tickets and/or suite. 

Q. What happens if I decide I don't want to group tickets anymore? 
A. The deposit you placed is non-refundable however it will stay on your account as account credit which you will then be able to use for single game tickets. 

Q: How many games can my group attend with 1 group deposit?
A: 1 group deposit allows you to buy tickets to 1 ACFC home game for your group.


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