Sprouts x Angel City FC: Back-of-Jersey Sponsor

Sprouts x Angel City FC: Back-of-Jersey Sponsor

Sprouts x Angel City FC

ACFC and Leading Healthy Grocer Commit to Reallocate a Portion of Sponsorship to Nutrition Education and Fresh Food Access Throughout Los Angeles

Angel City FC is proud to announce Sprouts Farmers Market as our team’s founding back-of-jersey sponsor! As ACFC’s exclusive back-of-jersey sponsor, the Sprouts logo will emblazon the lower back of official jerseys and merchandise. Additionally, Sprouts and ACFC have agreed on an empowerment phrase that will proudly display above the player’s name on the jersey - representing the spirit of ACFC and highlighting the shared commitment to igniting higher expectations on and off the field.

“We are proud to welcome Sprouts to the ACFC family as our back-of-jersey sponsor and are excited to work alongside them to leverage their knowledge of health and wellness for our players, coaches and, of course, our fans. Sprouts prioritizes healthy living and, as we are building our team with a focus on the whole athlete’s health, both physical and mental, we believe they are the perfect fit for Angel City.  We can’t wait to get started!”

Julie Uhrman, Co-Founder and President of Angel City FC

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Through the Angel City Sponsorship Model, a portion of this sponsorship will be reallocated to local causes that address and provide children’s nutrition education and fresh food access throughout Los Angeles. This is a cause that Sprouts and the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation doubled down on last year through the support of programs offering emergency food assistance and causes adapting to the challenges of teaching students virtually.

On March 20, ACFC and Sprouts will partner for our first community-based project: a school garden refresh at Arroyo Seco Museum Science Magnet with EnrichLA, including relocating six existing garden beds, installing new drip irrigation, building picnic tables, and creating an outdoor learning space for students. “Organic school vegetable gardens are a great way to help our young ones start to think about healthy eating,” explained Tomas O’Grady, executive director of EnrichLA. “As a school garden ranger,  I have seen students get excited to eat vegetables just because they helped grow them at their school. Through our programs here in LA, kids are learning where their food comes from, how it nourishes their bodies, and how to be caretakers of our planet!”

“Sprouts is the place where goodness grows, offering delicious foods that nourish families and athletes. We are excited to work with Angel City to build and grow projects that will lead to health benefits in the communities that we are privileged to serve. Together, we will create greater access to healthy foods across Los Angeles and beyond. Inspiring people to have a deeper understanding of the role that healthy eating plays in their lives.” 

Jack Sinclair, Sprouts Chief Executive Officer