ACFC Launches the Angel City Impact Fund

ACFC Launches the Angel City Impact Fund


Angel City FC is proud to include our members in the launch of the Angel City Impact Fund on the micro-lending platform, Kiva.  As ACFC’s first partnership in support of our Equity impact pillar, the Angel City Impact Fund will empower small business-owners all over the world, providing access and resources to individuals who have often been shut out of traditional lending avenues.  The need for financial inclusion is greater than ever as small businesses contend with the effects of COVID. 

ACFC plans to activate numerous lending campaigns through Kiva, with each campaign funded by partners fulfilling their commitment to the Angel City Sponsorship Model. Through the model, ACFC will collaborate with partners to re-allocate 10% of the value of their sponsorship to local causes. For each funding cycle, Angel City members will be randomly selected to receive a $25 Kiva credit via email, and have the opportunity to lend to an entrepreneur on the Kiva platform. 

The inaugural campaign, funded by our founding tech and wellness partner, Therabody, highlights a specific group of underrepresented borrowers, women, in our home state of California.  Micro loans have been a lifeline for thousands of women-run small businesses across the globe and in industries ranging from pet care to infrastructure projects.  As borrowers repay their loans through Kiva, the Angel City Impact Fund is replenished, enabling us to renew the cycle of lending, and continuously expanding the network of underrepresented entrepreneurs who benefit from this critical funding.  

The ACFC team is honored to be working with Therabody and Kiva to launch the Angel City Impact Fund, and grateful to have members to share in our efforts to bring about a more equitable future for our community.

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